Stay safe wherever you are. Keep your ŠKODA in peak condition.


Private Emergency Call.

Get help in your language, no matter where you are.Your car sends accident data such as time and location to local rescue forces.


Breakdown Call.

Your car sends relevant breakdown data to the Roadside Assistance Call Centre and we bring you to your closest service partner.


Service & Maintenance.

Whenever a warning light comes on or a service is due, ŠKODA CONNECT puts you in touch with your preferred service partner.


Carefully curated to ensure a superior level of experience for you and your ŠKODA.

SKODA Services - All-in one package

Remote Updates.

In selected models, Online Remote Update ensures that the infotainment communication unit is regularly updated.

Vehicle Status, Lock & unlock.

Doors and windows locked? Lights off? Double check these features in the app anytime for peace of mind.

Vehicle health report

Check your car’s “health” in your own report, or have a report sent regularly, much like a bank statement.

Find your Parking Spot.

Forgot where you parked? Navigate to your car. ŠKODA CONNECT saves your last parking spot automatically.


ŠKODA CONNECT upgrades your Navigation System, giving you a wide suite of online features for media, speech and navigation.

online navigation image

Online Navigation.

See online traffic information and get real-time route updates to plan your trips effectively.

Route and destination import image

Route and destination import.

Plan and customise your trip from home with the app. Then send the directions straight to your ŠKODA.

Park, charge and refuel image

Park, charge and refuel.

Need to find off-street parking or petrol station? Check prices, opening hours and get directions.

Voice assistant, Hello Laura!

Voice assistant, Hello Laura!

Give natural voice commands to your car, dictate voice messages and access online content.

ŠKODA Connect Portal - Registration & Activation


Explore our range of frequently asked questions before you download ŠKODA CONNECT.

ŠKODA CONNECT services aren't working. What should I do?

Firstly, check the following:

  • A good internet signal or data connection is available
  • Your car VIN number is correct
  • Your model of ŠKODA is compatible
  • A valid service license (where applicable)

If none of the above solve the problem, please contact us.

ŠKODA CONNECT isn't fully activated yet. What services can I use?

If you don't register and fully activate ŠKODA CONNECT services, you can only use the services required by law (Public Emergency call).

also, you will not be able to enjoy online services from Safety and Service, Remote Access via the app or Online infotainment.

What happens to my personal details when registering with ŠKODA CONNECT?

ŠKODA UK maintains a database of all personal data provided by customers, as well as other information which is necessary to provide ŠKODA CONNECT services, such as car data and geo-localisation. All data generated from using ŠKODA CONNECT services belongs to you, the customer. As such, data usage is dependent on your explicit consent.

All data usage takes place in compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). For more information, consult the ŠKODA CONNECT Privacy Policy.

Please note that all data is used only by ŠKODA and its distribution & service partners. Data is not shared with third parties for commercial reasons and in most cases, it's kept anonymous (non-anonymous data is used only when necessary). In such cases, ŠKODA UK processes the data according to strict security guidelines.

How does Private Emergency Call get activated? How is it different to Public Emergency Call?

When your car detects a serious accident due to airbag deployment or belt tensioner, a connection is automatically established with the Emergency Call Centre.

If ŠKODA CONNECT is activated, the Call is made to a private service instead of the public/local emergency phone number. With Private Emergency Call, Emergency services receive additional data regarding the nature of the accident, such as location, address, number of people involved and severity of the accident.

If you prefer, we'll stay on the phone with you until the emergency services arrive. Please keep in mind that normally we don't track your location. Your data is only transferred in the case of an accident to ensure your safety. Manual activation of the Emergency Call feature via the three-button module or the Infotainment screen is also available.

How is the Breakdown Call activated? Can my passengers also make the call?

The Breakdown Call is always activated manually, but in the case of a minor accident (which does not exceed the accident threshold) a popup will appear with three buttons (Activate Emergency Call, Activate Breakdown Call Assistance Call or Cancel). Anyone can contact the Breakdown Call service by pressing the center button in the three-button module or in the "phone" section of the in-car menu.

What information does my vehicle send during a Breakdown Call?

When you activate the Breakdown Call service, your vehicle transmits information such as mileage (km), current warning lights and error messages, so the ŠKODA Agent can better serve you and spot the fault seamlessly.

When activated, the Breakdown Call also shares the time and location of your car so your operator knows where to find you. This is useful if your car is broken down in a sparsely populated area and you don't know exactly where you are.

How does Service Scheduling work? What kind of vehicle data gets transmitted automatically?

When your Onboard infotainment system sends you a reminder about an upcoming inspection, your Preferred Service Partner (PSP) receives a notification. The workshop then gets in touch with you to arrange an appointment, using your preferred contact method (e-mail or phone).

Your PSP will receive the following information about your car:

  • Your contact details (name, telephone and email)
  • Car details (VIN, model year, car model, mileage)
  • Type of inspection (oil change, service interval)
  • Date and time of notification
  • Number of days until next inspection and oil change

What information does Vehicle Status show?

Vehicle Status shows the following information about your car:

  • Remaining fuel range or electric charge status
  • Overall mileage, distance (km) and days remaining until the next service
  • Distance and days until next oil change
  • Door and window status
  • Light position status (light position?)

Why can't I see my last Parking Position? / Why isn't Parking Position showing the correct location of my car?

If you car was in an area with poor network coverage, such as an underground car park, it may have failed to send parking data to the server. Under normal circumstances, your car's last Parking Position is sent to the server as soon as the engine is switched off.

The ŠKODA Connect services can be operated only by using available public communication technologies. Please note that due to development of these technologies, especially mobile networks, ŠKODA AUTO cannot guarantee consistent availability in all countries for the duration of ŠKODA Connect services. Possible changes in technology may cause permanent unavailability of them.

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