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Maintenance & Repairs

Get the most out of your SKODA


No-one knows your SKODA better than we do. So you can relax when your car is in for service, maintenance or repair, knowing it’s in the safe hands. It's worth looking after your car, so it always drives like new. When you use SKODA Authorised Repairers, you know it's being maintained with the same high quality expertise and materials it was built with.

Cambelt change!

Recommended Routine Service Items

When you visit Pulman SKODA we will perform a free of charge vehicle health check to ensure that your SKODA is running in tip-top condition without any issues. SKODA UK also recommended a range of recommended routine service procedures at set periods of your SKODAs life to ensure efficiency and safety, view the range of services below:

Brake Fluid Change - The recommended routine service for a brake fluid change is every 2 years once your car reaches 3 years old.

Air Con Refresh - The recommended routine service for a air con refresh is every year.

Air Con Service - The recommended routine service for a air con service is every 3 years once your car reaches 2 years old.

Cambelt Change - The recommended routine service for a cambelt change is every 5 years.

Forecast Wear and Tear

  • £119 - Front brake pads
  • £235 - Front brake pads & discs
  • £119 - Rear brake pads/shoes
  • £235 - Rear brake pads & discs

Other service items

  • £59 - Alloy wheels refurbish
  • £35 - Air Filter
  • £55 - Fuel Filter
  • £79 - Spark plugs
  • £449 - Cambelt
  • £499 - Cambelt & Water Pump

Or call our Service Hotline on 0191 383 7500